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Our company pays attention to quality, but also to user satisfaction in the after-sales service work. We make the following commitments in the area of after-sales Service:

1.   Free guidance on installation and commissioning

During the installation of the specified products, the company sent personnel to provide free on-site service. As for the technical problems caused by the quality of our products, the technical service personnel try their best to help users to solve them.

2.    Free to provide perfect equipment technical data

Our company will provide the user with detailed technical information on the ex-factory equipment simultaneously, including instructions for installation, use, and daily maintenance of the product.

3.    Maintenance service in place

After receiving the service request, our company will inform the maintenance personnel to follow up the processing at the first time, and arrange the personnel to arrive as soon as possible.

4.   One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

The warranty period is 12 months from the delivery of the equipment; during the warranty period is the product itself caused by quality problems, the company is free for the user to repair or replace the corresponding parts. After the warranty period has expired, if the user needs to repair or change the equipment, we can also arrange for personnel to go there and charge the cost of labor and materials.

5.    Free training for operators and maintenance personnel

During the production process or after the delivery of the equipment, during the contract period, our company can provide free training service for the operators and maintenance personnel of the products.

6.    Provision of spare parts

We have set up many marketing agencies of our group companies in large and medium-sized cities, emphasizing provincial cities, and each agency has a warehouse for high and low-voltage electrical components. Designated products (as required by the contract) after the expiration of the warranty period, the company can provide maintenance needs (delixi brand) spare parts.

7.   Long-term free technical support

Our company provides long-term free technical support for users who purchase our products and provides better upgrade solutions when users need to transform their equipment to make better use of existing equipment and save money based on the completion of the upgrade of the power distribution system.

After-sales service hotline:800-820-9111